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About Us

Welcome to our site. We are focused on excellent academic achievement and our mission is student success. Our team has over 20 years experience examining and helping students define their goals, while placing them on a path to success.

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Our mission is to create a safe and encouraging space for students to plan, implement and succeed at their educational goals.


Our vision is to combine the strength of family and community support with professional advisors and teachers, to aide students in navigating academic success.

Our students begin with tools to determine needs for personal studies to be directed or redirected. They receive step by step directions from our highly educated staff of counselors and instructors to gain insight into their abilities and prospective classes. Then, they participate in one and one and small group instruction to steer them in developing excellent course results, with personal guidance at every step.

Our students have moved on to high achieving college careers, with our "A.E" model.

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